Extra Credit

For my extra credit assignment, I decided to talk about social media sites and how they can be used as a tool for social change. I want to discuss both the benefits to using social media to discuss issues in our world and the serious limitations and negative side to the use of this type of popular culture. First of all, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all play a major role in our society; since their creation, they have risen to the top of the types of media used by every day citizens. This is a great thing because when millions of people visit a certain website it can be used to further inform people of issues in our society. Long past are the days were a social injustice can occur without the entire world knowing. Take for example Maria Teresa, a lone black woman who defied marching neo-Nazis in Sweden; if it wasn’t for Twitter her extremely brave act would never have reached the some 10,000 who viewed her act on twitter including famous writer J.K. Rowling. This is the major upside of social media, with so much information flowing around the internet we have come to an era where examples of social injustice are at our fingertips and it is our duty to use this gift to make a difference. For the most part we have, sites like Facebook and Twitter have been used to set up large scale protests, start funds for certain charities or people who have suffered from mass disasters. However, like everything else in this world, there is always someone who is looking to take advantage of the kindness or outrage of others. For every one instance where social media is used to correct a social injustice, there are dozens of scams designed to take advantage of those who are actually trying to make a difference. Not to mention the thousands of posts claiming to be social injustices, but are really just people complaining about their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I do truly feel for those who have truly suffered at the hands of others, but it really frustrates me when I see someone use Twitter or Facebook to complain about their lives, especially when its about superficial stuff. Its one of the main reasons I don’t use social media, which in truth is to my disadvantage because I do really like trying to make a difference in this world. Not using one of the biggest forms of popular culture in our society really only limits the amount of good I can truly do. Overall my point is that when used correctly, social media sites can be an effective tool for fighting off social injustices, but maybe there should be a site created solely for this reason. Maybe if we created a website with the sole purpose of correcting social injustice we could accomplish a lot more. There could be links on the actual site that could inform you on how you can effectively help. That would be a neat idea.


One thought on “Extra Credit

  1. I am so glad you talked about the positive effects of social media. The Arab Spring Uprising and the overthrow of Gahafi in Libya couldn’t have happened without Twitter and Facebook. Revolutions that changed the structure of their countries happened because of the mobilizing force of social media. This is something we never really could have done in the past.

    It was a joy having you in class, Tyler. Truly!


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