Group Project Reflection

The social issue that my group and I chose was bullying; I know that a couple of my group members had younger siblings, but what really made this issue important to me was my sister. My sister is 12, and is a pretty big nerd, she loves Harry Potter, Pokémon, Star Trek, Star Wars, and so many other great things. Its one of the biggest things I love about her, but you know how kids her age can be, she gets a lot of grief for it sometimes. Kids can be mean, and so I wanted to use our project to make a point; not just to children, but to adults also. We settled on a children’s book as our popular culture form; we figured it could not only get the attention of children, but their parents as well. I do really like how our book turned out, but like most things, it could have been better given more time. Although it was perfect for the assignment given I was left with a sense of incompleteness because it truth this book will never reach the eyes for which it was intended. It makes me want to continue the work my group and I started so that our message is received by more than those in our class. It really surprised me how much enjoyment I got out of creating something with a purpose, and its something I want to delve into more. As far as the process of actually creating the children’s book, each person in my group had a specific task, and since I was the one with both the camera and Lord of the Rings action figures it fell on me to take the pictures that would be used as the graphics in the book. I don’t often have a reason to use my camera so I was really excited to stretch my photography wings. It was easily the most fun I’ve had this term in a class; having to set up all the figures in the correct ways, making them show emotions or actions outside of the personality of their character. My favorite scene to make by far was Lord Sauron being depressed in bed, holding the covers up to his face. Like always, I really enjoyed working in a group; some of my favorite projects have been done in groups; I find that in college, with so many lectures and large classroom sizes, we really don’t have the opportunity to get to know our classmates. Working in a group really gives one the opportunity to learn from their peers, and also the opportunity to work on a project type previously unexplored by oneself. If it wasn’t for Ali’s unbelievable skill with rhyming, we would never have been able to create such a wonderful story. Personally I drew a lot of inspiration for this project from the little girl who was interviewed during the Wonder Woman documentary. That girl is almost identical to my little sister, so much so that I actually thought it was her when I first watch that interview. That’s really what gave me the idea to center our project around bullying.


One thought on “Group Project Reflection

  1. You guys did an AMAZING job! Your project was so relevant, and I appreciate that you took your inspiration from your little sister and the girl in the documentary. Your book was incredible in terms of how you presented the layout (loved the action figures. And Sauron in bed was hilarious, a lot of the photos were very cleverly staged), and the story itself. One of my most fav projects in the past two years. I also appreciated that you all got along. No time-outs or interventions were needed 😀

    Hopefully, you can take this book further into something that can be consumed by a larger audience. It really was fantastic, and it looked like you all had a blast doing it!



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