Women are Gamers Too

I absolutely love video games as a form of popular culture; there are so many directions a game can go, from a simplistic game aimed at teaching you something to an in depth fantasy world with the sole purpose of expanding your imagination through immersion. The best thing about video games is as they get more and more of a following around the world, the quality of games and the people they can impact just continue to grow. One of the biggest things coming to video games are the virtual reality headsets; it gives a whole new meaning to the idea of being immersed into a game. I am a pretty avid gamer, there are a lot of reasons why, but I think the biggest reason is that I often find myself bored in the 21st century. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of fun things about our world, and a lot of challenges, but like so many others in my generation, I yearn for something more. I want to fight a dragon, or escape from a horde of rampaging zombies, or just fly through space and discover what’s lurching in the dark corners of our universe. One of the most anticipated titles I have been waiting for is No-Mans-Sky; a space exploration game, but one that isn’t like anything we have seen before. What really makes this game different is the sheer vastness of the universe you play in; unlike other games, each planet isn’t created by hand. Every aspect of No-Mans-Sky is created by mathematical formulas, and because they haven’t needed to create the universe by drawing it they haven’t had to limit the size of the game. In No-Mans-Sky’s there are approximately 18 quintillion planets, and each planet is the size of an actual planet, meaning it would take roughly two weeks of gameplay to walk around the planet once. To me, this game represents where video games are taking u; we are getting closer and closer to being able to fully experience realities unavailable to us in the real world.

One of the most spectacular things about the current video game world is that there has been a stark increase of female gamers over the last two decades. According to a CNN article by Larry Frum, nearly 45% of all gamers are female; this is amazing to me, and it really shows how wide of an audience video games reach. The fact that there are more and more female gamers shows how video games have started to mature; and branched out to reach a wider audience. I’ve read a lot in the past couple of years on how women are fighting to make video game not only more gender equal, but to allow for the rise of powerful female characters who aren’t half naked all the time; this is something I can totally get behind. What really strikes me as surprising though, is that there are people who are threating women pushing for equality in video games. I had no idea that video game equality would be met with such animosity, but according to an article aptly named Gamergate, there are some pretty scary things being posted on social media sites. So worrisome in fact, that the FBI has taken a serious interest in the threats.


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